Buying A Townhouse: 4 Smart Things To Take Into Consideration

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A townhome is essentially a mix between a traditional house and an apartment or condominium. Its smaller size is perfect for singles or small families who are looking to own a piece of their own property. It offers the best of both worlds: traditional style home with the amenities of an apartment or condo. If you are looking to buy a townhome, you should keep these four considerations in mind to ensure you pick the best one for you and your family:

1. Amenities

Oftentimes, townhomes will offer special perks that aren't available with traditional homes. Some common amenities that you might find with a townhome include access to a playground, swimming pool, or clubhouse. You might also get other perks, such as a barbecue pit or access to a fitness center. In addition, your townhouse might be located within a community that also offers special perks, such as a community garden. If you are interested in a specific amenity, make sure you inform your realtor to ensure you get a townhome that offers exactly what you want.

2. Unit Location

As with any home, location often plays a major role in your final decision. While you can make sure you find a townhome in the exact neighborhood you want, you might also want to consider the placement of the unit itself. You need to decide whether you want to be situated in the middle of two other homes, or if you would prefer a unit that has no other homes on one side. You might also want to determine if you want a unit that faces a specific direction.

3. Multiple Levels

Another factor you want to consider is what type of townhome it is. Typically, townhomes will be multiple levels. While this usually isn't a concern for most families, those with elderly parents or grandparents might want to consider a single-level unit. Remember, stairs might be difficult for aging family members. Stairs might also pose problems for those with infants or toddlers.

4. Maintenance

Finally, you need to take maintenance into consideration. With a traditional home, you are responsible for all maintenance. However, it can get confusing quickly with townhomes. Are you responsible for maintenance? Is your neighbour responsible? Talk to your realtor to determine who pays what when it comes to maintenance and yard care, because knowing all additional fees can make a huge difference in your final decision.

Buying a townhome is a big step. Before you make your final purchase, make a list of what you want and what you need. Talk to your realtor and look at many different townhouses for sale before you make a purchase.